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The Deficit Father Syndrome/Peer-Group Rejection
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The Complete Narcissist: The Pathology of Narcissism as a Personality Disorder

The feature that identifies the Deficit Father Syndrome and its more extreme expression, Peer-Group Rejection, is the relative shortness of the index finger when compared with the lengths of both the middle and ring fingers. The more extreme the disparity - especially between the index and middle fingers - the more pronounced and more deeply entrenched in personality will be the Peer-Group Rejection factor.

I would advise the reader not to assume that the etiology - the evolvement - of the constructions in personality that I am about to describe, are as simple or as straightforward as my words may suggest. This is indeed a complex development which is found in many people in just about every population. But it is a development that is subject to a number of critical variables (several of which will be described here), and it would be these variables that ultimately determine the syndrome's manifest expressions.

As well we should keep in mind that what we shall be describing here is only one of many constructs in personality where everything would be influencing everything else. Unfortunately, the picture that ultimately emerges shows those other constructs as the variables we just spoke of - but variables which rather than mitigate the harder edges of these syndromes make their expressions considerably more severe.

I will use the illustration that appears below to help the reader grasp the significance of the specific childhood experiences that promote the syndromes in question. At the same time we will set everything in the context of the nature, temper and direction of their expressions with Barack Hussein Obama.

Part 1
Here we find all that describes the experiences of the neonate/infant when first introduced into the world. The mother collects the infant into her arms and all the libidinal needs and drives flow from the infant to where they find their natural targets on the mother's body. The picture that emerges is of the perfect "organic" attachment the infant knows with its mother. Even before the infant recognizes the mother as the source of all its pleasurable experiences, it will, ideally, have registered, in the parcel of this bonding, a perfect sense of security, containment, and well-being. The infant's entire world at this time is this dimension of its mother-experiences that is normally ideal.

Normally ideal, but not always. We had already noted the Negative Oral Personality which describes Barack Obama, and which created a very different array of subconscious references to himself. This, later, becomes one of the problematic variables, because instead of going into the world enjoying narcissist supports and with his well-being assured, his first references to himself sent deep roots into the experience of his inherent vulnerability.

Part 2
The infant continues to grow. Its cognitive and emotional development, along with newly acquired motoric skills, very soon introduce it to the marvelous world external to everything it had hitherto know only with its mother. (The black bar at the bottom of the illustration represents this new, expanded, world). In this new world dimension it quickly finds a second image which assumes enormous significance in its life. The infant has discovered its father. The equation that defines the infant's life, and which is now responsible for all its security needs, includes a mother AND a father.

It is essential at this time that the infant record experiences with its father that echo much of what it had known (or should have known) with its mother. We can be very specific. (1) The infant should record the experience wherein the the father identifies with it... (2) where the father links the infant's life with his own, and... (3) where the infant experiences a physical bonding with the father's body. This comes about when the infant gets carried in the father's arms, or on his shoulders, or whatever. The touching, lifting, holding and carrying are all critical needs.

All this between the ages of a few months to about three and a half to four years. And we don't say that this is something that is merely nice to have, it is an absolute requirement! It is essential that we grasp these father-experiences as vital needs, originating perhaps in the genetic and altogether deterministic programming of the infant. (It is at this point that all the advocates of same-sex marriages and sperm-bank babies prime their cannons and fix me in their cross-hairs. Nevertheless, is is impossible for me to accommodate the values and perspectives that permit these otherwise well-meaning people to live comfortably with their decisions and lifestyles - insofar as these decisions and lifestyles involve the raising of infants and children).

Part 3
In the same world-dimension where the infant discovered its father, and as an extension of the father-experience, the infant comes upon everyone else - the world of people. The father serves as the child's bridge to the larger social environment. It connects to this social dimension through the filter which was its father-experience. If it was the child's experience that the father identified with it, that he fixed the child's life securely to his own, and together they enjoyed a comfortable and natural physical and emotional familiarity, then this is just what the child will project to the world dimension beyond the father. This child will be perfectly secure in all his, or her, social relationships bonding seamlessly and fluidly with peer groups, feeling altogether comfortable in their midst, and fixing himself, or herself, without question or hesitation, in the very mainstream of this world of people.

This, of course, begs the question: what if the child's father-experience was flawed... what if it was deficient in some way... what if the father neglected the child and withheld much of what was described in the lines preceding these? What if, despite the child's best efforts the father continually denied him, or her, his attention and interest? What if the father was absent most of the time and neglected not only the child but also the mother? The possibilities are many, but the bottom line here is this: the child eventually gravitates to the larger social world through this very stressful, tangled, and altogether negative father-experience. It is precisely this that gives rise to the Deficit Father Syndrome, and, when particularly severe, to its troublesome extension Peer-Group Rejection.

Unfortunately, it is from this station that we come upon the singularly troubling and wholly unsavory configurations that now define President Obama's attitude and behaviors... his dark references to, and his unsettled accounting with, the world external to himself.

Part 4

What we know about Barack Obama's father-experience is well documented. To describe it merely as flawed is gross understatement. His father had abandoned Barack and his mother when Barack was only two years old. In his book Dreams From My Father President Obama insists that it was racism that tore apart his black Kenyan father and white American mother. (This very likely contributes a critical and troubling variable). What we know, however, was that it was his mother who had divorced his father after learning that he was still married to another woman. That first woman was back in Kenya and was pregnant when he abandoned her. At the age of six Barack was taken to Indonesia by his mother to live with a stepfather. He had known extended periods of separation even from her (possibly contributing another variable). At the age of ten he had had a very brief reunion with his biological father who abandoned him yet again, this time never to return.

Thus we are given a very sharply etched picture of a horrific father-experience... an emotional landscape scarred by unfathomable terrors of abandonment and rejection. There is no question that the child, as young as he was, enlisted powerful defenses to blunt these terrors - if not to entirely insulate himself from them. His only other option would have been to surrender to them - a choice that would have had the most unsettling ramifications. So, at the risk of over simplification, of his fight or flight options, we know that he chose the first.

With Barack Obama's introduction to the larger social world coming from this father-experience, there was nothing under the sun that might have permitted him to identify naturally, and be one, with the social mainstream of this world. In such circumstances the individual invariably sets himself at the very periphery of whatever describes the temper and direction of the social mainstream. From this station he is powerfully moved to attack just about everything that would be true of the minds, values and ambitions of this social world. As well, and no less troubling, from these stations he would align himself powerfully with all those who would be with him there and who share his own attitudes and ambitions.

However, considering the absence in Barack Obama of an inherent core identity and a total reliance on cerebral formulas, there is room to believe that it would have been the dark teachings of all those he had encountered at the periphery of his social world, that delivered an identification with the rasping content and regimented anger now so manifest in his plans for America and its people. There would then have been no problem identifying with the rabid American terrorist Bill Ayers , nor with the racist America and Jew-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright. There are so many others, but I suppose it would suffice if we include reference to Van Jones whom Obama appointed his "Green Czar"... the FCC “Diversity Chief” Mark Lloyd... and "Energy and Environment Czar” Carol Browner - all self-proclaimed and unrepentant Marxists, communists, or militant socialists... all outspoken admirers of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez... all avowed haters of just about everything America stands for.

It is conceivable that this is also what attracted Barack Obama to his wife.

The Complete Narcissist:
The Pathology of Narcissism as a Personality Disorder

W here we outlined the experiences the infant was meant to record with its access to its father (or surrogate father) we were not saying that this was something nice to have. Rather, we described these experiences as a fundamental - virtually a genetically dictated requirement. We focused on three: (1) The infant should record the experience wherein the the father identifies with it... (2) where the father links the infant's life with his own, and... (3) where the infant experiences a physical bonding with the father's body. We noted too that because the infant comes upon the father in the world of people... in the world external to everything it had hitherto known only with its mother... it is essentially the father-experience that serves as the infant's bridge to the social world.

We know that Barack Obama's history, from his very earliest days, included nothing of these experiences. In virtually all such circumstances what the infant does not record with its father it will seek to record from that dimension in its life which is an extension of the father. This would be the social dimension - the larger world of people. What then transpires is the ultimate gravitation of this person to such stations in its social dimension that would powerfully compensate for the failures in its original father-experience. This compensation takes the form of (1) winning the recognition of others, (2) winning the awareness of others, and (3) winning the high regard of others. It is here that we come upon the essential foundation of the narcissist personality. At this level, however, the narcissism still falls short of the decidedly pathological expressions that describe President Obama Obama. At this level it would still be something shared with most everyone who, with evident determination, seeks public office, or other manner of public exposure.

Narcissism as a decidedly pathological disorder, is recognized where there is a grandiose sense of self-importance... an exaggerated sense of being special, or unique... an inability to feel genuine empathy for others... all this quite apart from the need for the recognition, awareness and high regard of others.

When considered collectively, just about every facet of Barack Obama's personality that was described on the first page of this article contributes to the pathological expression of Obama's narcissism. When a person must contend with threatening circumstance such as we described, the response, normally, is either to accept, surrender, and suffer the weight of those unfortunate circumstances, or deny them and attack them aggressively. To be sure, Barack Obama has denied them very aggressively. This promoted a sense of superiority to the same degree that he would otherwise have succumbed to a sense of inferiority. His reply to his experience of rejection and abandonment is to identify with a sense of superiority... of being unique, more important and better than others. These are entitely cerebral exercises, of course, which explains the all-encompassing intellectualizations and rationalizations and his compulsive striving for controls. The fear of being exposed is what fuels the paranoia we described. And this explains that pattern in his attitudes and behaviors which has him seek to altogether "destroy" anyone and anything that may trigger this fear. The are abundant examples - from the Fox news network and Rush Limbaugh to Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber.

His manifest lack of empathy is understood as his need to insulate himself from what might have been his genuine feelings and core-identity emotions. Exposure to these feelings and emotions would have forced him to recognize, confront and suffer the devastating traumas of his early years. There would be no escaping an identification with his inherent impotence. His sense of self and the evaluation of his worth (in the wake of the abject failure of his family as a supporting environment) would have been a virtual disaster area.

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